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Election Results Hub

Detail Results Analysis

Real time detail analysis of the presidential and parliamentary provisional results as and when they are posted. See it all here

No need to wait for 72hrs. Operation 24hrs. See all the provisional presidential and parliamentary results with all the detailed analysis in less than 24hrs. See who is leading, real time analysis of regional, district, constituency, electoral area and polling station results. View or post results for your area. This is truly your election results hub. Visit now to see the parliamentary candidates for your constituency.

Technical Team

Expert Analysis

Our dedicated technical team will assist you to select the best service suitable for your environment. Learn More...
Our experts will sit down with you to ensure that the design and implement of every service is to your satisfaction. They are ready to answer every question you have for total satisfaction. If you're not satisfied, our work is not done yet. Drawn out from expects in client services, electrical engineering, software engineering, web developers, etc., our technical team are more than capable to handle any assignment you require.